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The Global Volunteer Partnership brings together those skilled individuals, nonprofits and companies committed to improving lives around the world through projects with development impact.


Skilled American volunteers abroad represent the nation’s abundance of compassion and talent across a range of professions and disciplines.  They are doctors, nurses, teachers, engineers, businesspeople and others with skills that can truly make a difference in the lives of others around the world.

These volunteers are at different points in their careers.  They are graduate students with newly acquired technical training. They are mid-career professionals with demonstrated problem-solving skills. They are retirees with a desire to give back to the “global community.”


Nonprofits and Companies

There are hundreds of nonprofits and companies engaged in deploying skilled American volunteers abroad in projects designed for development impact.   Many nonprofits have a sector-specific focus such as education, economic growth or healthcare; others have broader interest in the overall improvement of a village, country or region in the developing world. 

Companies engaging their employees in volunteer service abroad do so for a variety of reasons. For example, through employees’ efforts, companies can demonstrate commitment to those communities in which there is a commercial interest or fixed presence. Another important reason is to foster greater employee satisfaction, a critical element of workforce retention.



While interested in volunteering abroad, many skilled Americans are unable to do so because of family and job responsibilities.  There are many nonprofits interested in expanding beyond a domestic footprint, but still in the early stages of planning for a global presence.  Although active in the international marketplace, a number of companies currently lack the wherewithal to support an employee volunteer program with global reach.

For each of these constituents, there exists the opportunity to participate in the work of The Global Volunteer Partnership in a supporting role.